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Making the decision to start a family, to forever more dedicate your life, love and time to another human being, your human being, is such a beautiful and exciting transition. The two of us becomes we three, and you can't help but feel like you've always been a trio. The time before your child was born seems like such a distant memory, and you can't even remember what it felt like to be without them.

I know for myself, everything about Sawyer felt familiar. His face, his snuggles, the feedings, the feeling that I was overcome with when just holding him close, everything. It was like I'd known him all along, as though we'd never spent a day apart.

These perfect little beings, their spirits, their whole lives, they've been a part of our story since the beginning, we just didn't know it then. And then there they are, walking around outside of your body, your little baby. The connection you have is so marvellous, so phenomenal, so strong that you can physically feel how your souls intertwine together like tangled vine.

My heartfelt congratulations Calita and Cy, soon you'll be welcoming that sweet baby into the world and you'll know exactly what I'm rambling on about.

Love love love,

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