As expected, I absolutely loved spending the day disconnected.

It was an incredibly productive day as well! And that's always great.

Sawyer and I started the day with some poached eggs and toasts, and then spent some time playing with Dex and doing some puzzles. I popped some chicken into the crockpot for dinner and set it on low, gave the floor a vacuum and cleaned up the living room.

Once we were dressed and ready for the day we packed up the stroller and walked up town for coffee and a prints pick up. Then we cruised back down town and spent an hour at Kin park.

Back home, with Sawyer down for a nap, I wrapped up a client package and headed out into the front yard to do my winter prep in the garden. Churned up a bunch of earth and put up a couple halloweens decorations up.

Later on after dinner, and after reading Sawyer "Duck and Goose" about fifty times in a row, he had a bath and I painted my nails - something I never make time for haha

With the little guy in bed and Danny at Jiu Jitsu, I sat down to read a work book and take notes for the next day.

Damn productive day!

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