The jewel of the sky is the sun, the jewel of the house is the child. 
- Chinese proverb

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  1. Hi Ashley! I found your website through the Alex Beadon FeelGood Blogging Challenge. These photographs are really beautiful and something I love about them is that they have a quality about them that makes it feel as if those people were right in front of you, in real life and not just on the screen. That's quite amazing! The photos are so sharp and I love the edit you have done on them. What lens did you use in these photographs? And are you a Canon or a Nikon girl? ;) (I'm a Canon girl haha)
    Also, how cool that you're from BC! I lived in Vancouver for five years and absolutely love the Province. I miss it every day!
    With hugs, Erika // http://www.studiometsa.com/blog

    1. Hi Erika! Thank you so much for your kind words! Most these were taken with my trusty ol' f/1.4 50mm, and I'm a Nikon girl, haha.
      I absolutely adore BC, I lived on Van Island for about 10 years, and then we moved to the mountains to Revelstoke for about 4, and now I've been up North since then! It's an amazing part of the country :)
      I just opened up your blog here so I'm going to do a little browsing.. I LOVE the minimal style on your site. We'll talk soon!