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Our newest Honest shipment came in yesterday! It always feel like Christmas when it does, and Sawyer adores opening any kind of packages ever since his last birthday, so I waited until this morning to let him do the opening.

How amazing is this kid's hair first thing in the morning? My little ragamuffin.

And with an excited Ooooh, Sawyer opened up the box to reveal the bubble wrap strategically packaged inside to keep our items from rattling around. A plethora of popping ensued...

He might have been more excited about the wrap than our actual shipment, hah

This month's shipment included both our Honest Essentials Bundle and our Honest Health & Wellness Bundle neatly packaged inside one box. 

I tried a couple new products this month, one being the new Organic Cotton Tampons. (Things are about to get awkward.) I was pretty excited to see that Honest was launching a feminine care product line because as you might know, your regular run of the mill tampons/pads you buy at the grocery store are completely terrible for you and the environment. You might be disappointed to know that the ingredients used in these types of products aren't FDA regulated. Now I'm no expert on the subject but from everything I've read, and just from common sense, I know that sticking a fragranced, synthetic, chlorine bleached, pesticide laden piece of cotton all up inside my business is not going to be a healthy choice for me or my hoohaw.

So when a company I know and trust starts to offer a healthy alternative, I'm happy to scoop it up and include it in my Honest Essentials Bundle now and again. These things are 100% GOTS certified, hypoallergenic, and phthalate, fragrance, deodorant, rayon and synthetic superabsorbent free, with a soft plant-based applicator. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

You have no idea how happy I am to have my shampoo back! I let it run out and I've just been using Dan's tea tree oil shampoo for the last several weeks and my hair is SO dry. I can't say enough good about this stuff, Honest's Shampoo + Body Wash is amazing. It smells like sweet orange vanilla heaven, I can wash my bod with the soap I rinse from my hair, and it leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky. Unlike other natural shampoos I've tried, this shampoo actually gets bubbly and gives you that satisfaction that you're actually lathering your whole head of hair and getting a really good clean. Another major bonus, I can share it with my baby. It's tear-free and perfectly pH balanced to remove dirt (and bits of dinner) without stripping natural oils and to protect tender skin and delicate hair.

Another new product for us, is the Honest Baby DHA, and I'm happy to report that Sawyer loved it! I've tried other oil supplements from the health food store in the past and they ended up practically going to waste because he'd turn up his little nose at the flavour - and seriously, no blaming here, I've tried them, tastes awful.

But this stuff was a total winner, Sawyer downed that yogurt within minutes. Apart from the pure premium fish oil (derived from wild caught sardine, anchovy & mackerel) it contains rosemary extract and tangerine oil and doesn't taste at all fishy. It has a surprisingly light sweet flavour, kind of reminds me of an orange creamsicle. 
I'm actually sorry I didn't order it earlier, as you can safely give 1ml of this supplement to babies as small as 10 lbs! DHA is super important for brain and eye development, especially critical in the first two years of life, and this supplement also contains added vitamin D3 to help support bone and teeth development.

 Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into some of our most loved Honest products this month. I'm a huge supporter of their company and their mission and have been ordering from them since before they were even shipping to Canada (I used Bongo, an international shipping company to get their stuff to my door.) The other products found inside this recent shipment are as follows:

Honest Conditioner
Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate
Honest Organic Baby Powder
Honest Soothing Bottom Wash
Honest Immunity Plus Powder Supplement

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