ASANA BREAKDOWN // wild thing

Welcome to this week’s Asana Breakdown post, featuring Wild Thing!

Sanskrit: Camatkarasana

. . .
Difficulty: Moderate

Wild thing is a beautiful and strengthening pose with numerous benefits to the body and mind.  

- heart opener
- brings spaciousness to hip flexors and quads
- upper body strengthening
- increases balance
- decreases fatigue
- decreases mild depression

Getting Into The Pose:
Beginning in downward dog, breath in and sweep the right foot to the sky into 3-legged dog.
Exhale bending into the lifted knee and stack the right hip up on top of the left.
Inhale and reach the knee-cap higher and lifted heel to the glute. Anchor the left heel down and square the shoulders to the front of the mat.
Exhale and come on to the outside edge of the left foot and begin flipping the front body to face the sky, landing the right foot off the left side of the mat and lifting the right hand off the floor.
As you inhale, press the chest upward, straighten through the left leg and charging out of the right foot, while reaching through the lifted hand towards the front of the mat.

- carpal tunnel syndrome
- rotator cuff injuries

Follow up Poses:
- downward dog
- plank
- child’s pose
- full wheel (advanced)

The photos in this post feature my amazing friend and mentor, Randelle Lusk, mama of Blacksmith Yoga Community. An ERYT-200, RYT-500, and lululemon ambassador, you may find her teaching one of her juicy and powerful vinyasa classes in Calgary or FSJ, or you might join her in one of her upcoming retreats! (Spa, wine and yoga over May long anybody??...)

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