WEEKLY BUSINESS MEETINGS: cure procrastination and get organized

I'm the type of person who seems to always have a million plans and projects on the go, on any given day. But I'm also the type of person who often struggles to finish all the things I start.

Why?... Simply not organized enough.

But the good news is, I just adopted a new weekly exercise that promises to remedy this problem.


Attendees: Me... and coffee.

The embarrassingly obvious idea struck me as I was watching a video included in a marketing course I'm taking called The Method of Success.

They were talking all about the importance of creating a meeting rhythm within small businesses and getting employees involved in mission strategy, planning and performance review.

It suddenly occurred to me that I should be holding my own personal business meetings in order to set goals, plan my week, and review my own performance and ongoing projects.

Duh... So simple. Why didn't I think of this before?

And the funnest part about having your own business meetings? You get to make them your own.

Here's what my weekly SUNDAY BUSINESS MEETING looks like:

  1. BEGIN with 15 - 20 minutes of yoga and meditation
    • concentrate on desires and goals
    • visualize success
  2.  REFLECT on the past weeks'
    • accomplishments
    • lessons learned
    • a-hah moments
  3.  SET definite goals
    • weekly
    • monthly
  4.  SCHEDULE the coming week
    • editing
    • blogging
    • marketing
    • book writing
    • yoga classes
    • everything else

There's an amazing sense of freedom and accomplishment when you start to get everything you've got going on planned and organized ahead of time. Productivity, creativity, inspiration, it all goes up.

Try it out and see for yourself!

What would your weekly meeting look like?

Leave a comment and tell me how you get organized and keep on track...

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