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Sawyer and I finally made it to Grande Prairie the weekend before last for a visit with Juice, KC and the girls, our first stay in their new home since camping out in their yard last September while the place was being built. It's absolutely stunning and they've all put so much hard work and love into this little paradise. Couldn't be happier for them :)

I think these two should get married. We should arrange it Juice.

While we were there I had Juice give Sawyer's hair a chop, it was just time. I was and am so sad to see his beautiful locks go, but the truth was, they weren't really beautiful locks at all. Half the time it was a stringy straggly mop so this was just necessary. Now as it grows out it will be even and thick and he can have the long luscious flow we'd always hoped for, hah

The weekend was a blast, the weather was gorgeous and we all played outside for hours. The snow was that perfect snowman-building snow and the sun felt like Spring, it was a much needed weekend retreat and girly visit.

The monday after getting home Sawyer came down with a little cold, nothing too bad, sniffly and sneezey, gone in a few days. But by Friday I could feel something coming on that morphed into a head cold from hell by Sunday. Luckily I didn't have any work over the weekend and only a couple things Monday that I was able to reschedule, because I spent the majority of the last two days either sleeping or curled up in bed binge watching Mad Men.

Hopefully I'm back to full health by tomorrow, I think my mega kitchen-knife cut on my foot could perhaps be taking up all my immunity's strength and energy, the thing is awfully infected after my snow boots opened it back up again, uggh.

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