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Today I realized it was March 16th and that we were already halfway through the month, and I got this slightly unnerving feeling of time going by incredibly fast. People always talk about the time moving faster once you start having kids, and truly, they don't lie. I'm not sure why it is, maybe because you're just busier, or you're more self-less, or literally, maybe subconsciously, time just simply speeds up some how..

Then I got to thinking about Sawyer, and how I never wrote him a two year old blog post.. how sad?.. His first year blog post was such a given, because I was taking monthly photo sessions with him as he approached the momentous first year. This actually could be part of the reason why he's become so camera shy, in a sense that I now ask him to look at me, and he mostly just ignores.. Oops.

December (13 months)











November 6th 2015 Sawyer's 2nd Birthday


Another twelve months with this little ragamuffin, what a gem. What a life it would be to not have him in it, just terrible. It's honestly amazing the things you feel, the way you think, the power and strength of the love that you have for this little being. Nothing compares to having a child. Truly.




Ash Tree Action Used: 
Chimney Sweep from the Mahogany Collection

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