Toddler Easter Basket | Sawyer's first Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! We celebrated our Easter early on Saturday, first with a mini eggs hunt for Sawyer, then breakfast with Danny's parents, and turkey dinner later that night, great grandparents included. It was a fun busy day, unseasonably warm, and surprisingly productive. 

Sawyer was totally delighted by all the balloons and hidden eggs he found upon waking up. Danny and I had coffee and watched him race around the house collecting the mini eggs and finding his Easter basket inside his teepee. The fun really began for us the night before, several glasses into a bottle of wine, wandering around the house competitively stashing chocolates. But watching the little guy go crazy whenever he spotted some treasures, that was the best part.

We spent the rest of the weekend working in the back yard. Everywhere is nearly melted now and slowly the ground is drying out. I cleaned up and pruned our raspberry patch while Dan chainsawed up the poplar tree trimmings he'd cut down the day before. We got a start on Sawyer's sandbox and  rolled out a few sheets of weed matting underneath the deck. I also got the soil churned up in the back mini garden, getting it ready for strawberries soon - so was a pretty productive weekend. 

Supposed to be another warm sunny day tomorrow too, so we'll be back at it again. Have a happy Easter monday!




Ash Tree Action Used: 
Courageous from the Mahogany Collection

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