Baby Goats Make the Best Day Ever.

This has been a very strange week, certainly a lot stranger and scarier for others than for us. But the heaviness of the tragedy in Fort Mac and the looming danger of our local fires have been weighing heavy on my thoughts.
Danny's parents were put on evac alert this afternoon and began packing up their valuables and essentials, making the craziness of the situations all the more real and close to home.
I can't even imagine what my family and everyone in Fort Mac must be going through... Sending so many prayers and thoughts and love to them all.

This afternoon Danny's Aunty Rachel and Uncle Kevin welcomed a tribe of goats on to their farm to safehouse them from the surrounding fires for some friends. The silver lining of the situation: dozens of sweet little baby goats to see and snuggle, and an exciting adventure for some of the family toddlers.
Eli and Sawyer had a time tonight running around the yard, chasing each other and petting the fuzzy little kids. Even baby Harper was loving the little baby goats, and I got some really special photos, so there's the bright side for the day.

In the meantime, if you're local, stay safe and send out some prayers for all those in the line of fire... Literally.




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