365 Instagram Posts in 2017 Challenge

Here's my biggest problems when it comes to marketing, building an online presence and creating social media relationships with my readers and clients: lack of consistency and an anxiety towards "putting myself out there."

Subsequently, my photos and posts often go unpublished, and I believe that I'm losing out on plenty of great opportunities and connections. But I want to change!

There's this fear of being judged, whether it's good or bad, that holds me back from posting on my various social media outlets. I worry that people will find me vain or selfish. Or I worry someone will get the wrong impression of me. It's this silly constant struggle that I am determined to overcome.

So in an effort to create some good social media habits, I'm going to commit to a year long challenge in which I'll post an Instagram photo once per day minimum, and in the process, build a healthy online presence and hopefully make some meaningful connections with people along the way.

Two thousand seventeen is almost here, and I've got big aspirations for this year. What do you think, could you commit to 365 Instagram posts in a year? I think you should join me. Comment below if you're up for the challenge!

1 comment:

  1. I did a 30 day challenge a few Decembers ago and I found it very challenging. I'd love to try though. Put a daily reminder in your phone? Good luck!